What is the CEDS

    Community Input

   The CNMI CEDS team is  mandated to solicit and include public input as part of the development process. Members of the  community must be given the opportunity to provide input as to infrastructure/economic development projects which they believe should be considered as part of the CEDS. To provide input directly to the CEDS team, click here.

Private Sector Participation

The CNMI CEDS team will meet with private sector leaders to understand the immideate and forecasted needs of the business sector. Membership organizations and individual employers will be interviewed to discuss the various needs, both systemic and infrastructure required for continued economic expansion.

Public Sector Participation

The CNMI CEDS team will meet with various government agencies to discuss their individual planning documents for their respective departments. While the CEDS is not intended to streamline all these documents into a single document, it is intended to highlight critical projects which yield the greatest economic impact to the  CNMI.

Objective Ranking

The CNMI CEDS team will utilize an objective ranking system which is approved by the CEDS commission in determining which projects are of the most signicance and will yeild the greatest economic impact. To provide your input on a factor that should be included as part of the ranking system, please click here.

The CNMI Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) is a planning document that is paid for by the US Department of Commerce's Economic Development Administration (EDA). The document is intended to provide an objectively ranked listing of infrastructure projects which yield the greatest economic impact to the community. The CEDS Commission is comprised of public and private sector leaders appointed by the Governor of the CNMI tasked with the oversight of the CEDS document development and completion.

The document is a requirement for funding allocations from the EDA and serves as a key planning document for the CNMI's Executive branch. The previous CEDS was published in 2009 and forecasted needs through 2014. With the changing economic landscape of the CNMI, the CNMI's Department of Commerce has undertaken the task of updating the CEDS to run from 2016-2021.



The CEDS document utilized various publicly available documents that have been published by the CNMI Government The development of the CNMI CEDS required public input and will consist of two public hearings during the development of the final report.